Socializer is our mobile app that lets you stay up to date on Softtek news (achievements, media coverage, events) around the world, with chances to win cool stuff by easily sharing them on your social media, directly from your iPhone or Android.

(Important, iPhone / iOS Users, what you need to know, below…)

Let's get started!

What can you do with Socializer ?

Discover content

Find out what’s happening in Softtek around the world, with official press announcements, blog

Share on social media

Easily share content on social networks; earn points for unique clicks your shared link receives

Check the scoreboard

See your points against other participants for each contest.

Win Prizes

Share often to increase your chances to win prizes.

Attention iPhone / iOS users, read carefully!:

Download for iOS or Android

For iOS you will need to authorize the app on your phone by following this sequence:

Go to: Settings -> General -> Device Management -> Valores Corporativos Softtek -> Trust App

(Android users: App available in Google Play)

Select your device:

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